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YoBit.Net Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Type Trader Exchanger
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FeaturesYobiCodes (deposit codes); Lottery; Dice; API
Margin TradingYes
Deposit FeesNo fees
Trading FeesYes - 0.2%
Withdrawal FeesCryptocurrency:0.00050000; USD/RUR: 3%-8% (depends on the payment method)
Tradeable Coins LiteCoin (LTC) Bitcoin (BTC) NEM (XEM) Ethereum (ETH) DASH (DASH) EOS (EOS)


  • A wide choice of currencies (more than 100)
  • Multi-language website (Chinese, Russian, English)
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Security -Yobi codes (deposit codes)


  • Questionable lottery games
  • A lot of negative reviews from customers

Is Yobit.io a Good Choice for Bitcoin Trading? Read a Review

Yobit is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform with more than five millions of visitors per year. This service has been active for 4 years. Yobit attracts customers with a wide range of convenient tools, a variety of available coins and profitable trading options which can be hardly found elsewhere. Therefore, both experienced traders and newcomers use this website for their needs.

At the same time, Yobit has received a lot of critical responses from customers. In this review, we have listed service’s features, advantages and disadvantages to help you decide whether Yobit is a platform for you.


Yobit is a platform where you can buy bitcoins and other currencies using a Qiwi-wallet, Perfect Money or Capitalist. Coins can be bought mostly for dollars but other currency options are also available.

A good thing is that trading at Yobit.io goes fast and at the competitive fees. Also, traders find this website especially convenient for different types of speculations and profits earned from changes in the exchange rate.

Be very careful when using Yobit.io because there are some clone-websites with a similar address. The title variations might be not-so-obvious and some users fail to notice them. As a result, people fall among cheaters. This might be a reason of a good many of user complaints.

Pros and cons

Yobit advantages are the following:

  • Trading fees at Yobit are in-line with the options available at other exchanges and the company states that they never get above 0,20%
  • There is a great deal of different coins available at Yobit, even the rare types
  • Yobit is well-organized trading platform with charts and a live chat

The negative features peculiar to Yobit.io are the following:

  • Yobit has a checkered reputation around the web and might be not very safe
  • The resource is not very transparent and doesn’t provide any information about its owners or location
  • You have to create an account to get to the trading fees which doesn’t encourage trust, too
  • Yobit has withdrawal fees
  • Some doubtful gimmicks like Dice game and InvestBox available on the website (of course, every user decides whether to take part in a sort of gambling, but these options look a little bit shady and leave a bad taste in the mouth)

In a word, Yobit is a mixed bag. On the one side, they provide interesting trading offers, a plenty of currencies and profitable conditions. On the other side, some unimpressive facts like a lack of transparency and too many negative comments about this platform generate fair uncertainty. That being sad, Yobit seems to be a little shadier than the other similar services.

Client Reviews

1 5 1
Very bad place to buy coin... some wallet alwasy maintanance... and you cant wd your coin... so many coin cant wd... Some times you cant deposite... very2 big fuck site exchage... Btg is my vaforite but i cant wd...

5 5 1
Works good enough for me, five stars

4 5 1
Generaly, the website is ok. But sometimes coins get stuck at yobit and in most cases customer support doesn’t answer. However you can find a really great number of currencies here, you wont find so many currencies on other sites. If you want to take a double risk and invest in rare currency+have a deal with yobit (site with ambiguous reputation) – you are welcome:D

4 5 1
A month ago I started with yobit because I wanted to buy a pac coin (nowhere else you cannot find any pac coins). Very soon I realized that pac is a trash coin and all the ivestments in this currency are doomed to fail :DDD I started inesting to a better coin – xrm because it gave a return. But then I decided to read reviews on the internet and saw that many clients complain about withdrawals at yobit, they say that this is a real problem to get your money from them. I thought “oooops, I have never tried to withdraw anything from my yobit wallet beforeXDDD” I tried to withdraw my xrm and was surprised that a transaction was done in 24 hours with no problems. So im not sure that this site is a scam

3 5 1
i did withdrawal request a week ago and didnt get any confirmation message to my inbox so my payment is stuck so I written a ticket to a support team. hope everything will be okay. do you guys know about confirmation letter from this site? do they even send such letters??

3 5 1
I found so many currencies I have never knew that they exist lol. but all the games offered on a site are crap : ( when you win for some times the numbers in a row appear the way that you lose anyway and it is impossible to win by default : (((

5 5 1
I tried to buy doge coins here and had no problems, good fees, fast transactions etc.

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