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XCOINS.IO Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Type Exchanger
LocationSanta Monica, USA
Social Links
FeaturesUsers “lend” out their bitcoins to buyers using PayPal
Margin TradingNo
Deposit FeesNo
Trading FeesPayPal fee (2.9%) + $0.30 on top of the loan amount and interest
Withdrawal FeesYes (depends on the withdrawal method)
Tradeable Coins Bitcoin (BTC)


  • Service accepts PayPal and credit cards
  • Referral program
  • Simple verification


  • The website was hacked in 2017
  • There is a risk that PayPal block your account
  • A lot of negative reviews around the web

Buying Bitcoins at xCoins: Is It a Good Idea? Read Our Review and Find Out

xCoins is a California-based company and a pretty unique phenomenon on the cryptocurrency market. This service allows you to buy BTC with the help of your credit card or PayPal. Considering the fact, that getting cryptos with PayPal is a rare option, we believe that xCoins deserves your attention.

This platform works as a peer-to-peer service that helps buyers and sellers find each other and make deals. In a word, all operations are done between users personally and xCoins is just a mediator that administrates the transactions.

How it works?

Actually, buyers and sellers at xCoins are called “borrowers” and “lenders”. But don’t be afraid – this is because they use the only method supported by PayPal for BTC operations – “secured loan”. It also means that borrowers have the right to get their money back if they do not want their coins anymore.

As for lenders, they are welcome to work at xCoins for free. Lenders are able to set the rates and collect PayPal fees like processing fee and loan origination fee. The website recommends lenders to start at 15%.

The lending and borrowing processes are both pretty complicated. As a buyer, you have to register and verify an account first. Next step is making a USD deposit in an amount of coins you need + PayPal fees + additional percent.

Website owners claim that their fees are competitive, because they aim to give you the best interest rate. However, if you sign up and try to make a deal, you will see that a fixed rate is 15%, which is really high. In fact, most BTC exchanges have much lower fees.

Next, the website claims that borrowers can get their money back if they don’t want BTC anymore. From the first glance, this sounds good, however, let’s think more accurately. Remember that Bitcoin’s price grows constantly. If you borrowed one when the price for it was $1,000 and you got 0.1 BTC for $100 then you will have to give back more BTC if the price becomes higher with time. On the other hand, this may be a field for getting income, too. So think twice before jumping into a risky project like that.

If you want to lend BTC at xCoins, decide the amount you are willing to give away and deposit this sum to your personal account. There is no need for you to look for buyers yourself – the website will find and match them automatically. If everything turns, you will get the money right to your PayPal account as soon as the buyer makes a deposit.


  • A great deal of payment methods is available: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, eCheck, debit cards, PayPal Credit and Balance, etc;
  • Customers’ safety is ensured by two-factor authentication;
  • Transactions are instant;
  • xCoin is a pretty unique type of service.


  • xCoins was hacked in 2017;
  • You can only buy Bitcoins here – no other cryptos are available;
  • There are no trading features or tools at xCoins;
  • The maximum loan you can make here is very small;
  • There are negative feedbacks on the web about xCoins.


We are not sure that xCoins is a stable platform, especially when it comes to large deals. Moreover, comparing to the other exchanges, fees at this site are too high. We recommend xCoins to those users, who have no other options to buy BTC except through PayPal and are ready to pay additional money for that operation.

As for sellers – offering BTC here may be a risky idea, because PayPal might shut your account down, which is a very sad scenario.

Client Reviews

3 5 1
As expected, fees are stratospheric but it works

4 5 1
Xcoins is a bit unusual service. Have no idea whether btc lending is a promising alternative or a dubious gamble : )

3 5 1
expected better...

4 5 1
Tried xcoins – the deal took a couple of minutes, everything’s fine. I’ve heard that some people make a decent buck lending and borrowing coins. Maybe, there are experts here, who know something about these schemes? Please share

3 5 1

4 5 1
I was a little bit worried about using a lending website – I thought there may be a risk for my paypal account (everyone must have had such thoughts when trying to use such unusual websites). When placing my first order, I was already thinking about possible chargebacks and ways to solve them But everything went smoothly and I had no problems with paypal yet. Hopefully, everything will keep going that way, cause I have more plans about lending operations.

4 5 1
My personal cryptocurrency lending history is full of drama and risks... however, I believe that getting cryptos with paypal is amazing – operations are fast and simple. Therefore I tried Xcoins for a couple of times and decided to stick to this site. I think that this platform is a nice option. Transactions are instant – you send your money and in a couple of minutes you receive your bitcoins (perfect!!), the website’s interface is open-and-shut, everything works very fast..

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