Overall Rating
Wesellcrypto.com Overall rating: 1.2 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Type Trader Exchanger
FeaturesInstant deals made with PayPal
Margin TradingNo
Deposit FeesNo
Trading FeesBeing specified
Withdrawal FeesNo (you only pay their price for coins + PayPal charge)
Tradeable Coins Bitcoin (BTC) Dogecoin (DOGE) LiteCoin (LTC) DASH (DASH) Reddcoin (RDD)


  • Very fast transactions
  • Website owners play a full role in the crypto-community


  • Purchasing disabled. They are not active right now
  • You can buy coins with PayPal only

WeSellCrypto.com: A Simple Way to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies (Website Review)

According to customers’ review found online, WeSellCrypto is one of the most convenient and simple websites to get cryptocurrencies from. Moreover, their aim goes far beyond trading: WeSellCrypto does its best to help the community develop and grow.

Greg Cronheim and David Larsson, a crypto enthusiast and web developer from Sweden, created this platform. The website offers its services since 2015.

Today, purchasing at WeSellCrypto is disabled, because they are experiencing inventory problems. To put it simple, they have run out of coins.

How it works?

As always, you have to start with registration and verification. WeSellCrypto has an interesting and unique way of verification. A pleasant fact: they explain very clearly what exactly verified users get at their service. If verified, you have options of $15.00-$250.00 (and higher) per day. Overall, there are four options to choose from, depending on your personal needs.

To verify the account, you have to send an email to the website administration with your personal info. In average, the verification process takes a couple of hours, but be aware that sometimes it may reach 24 hours, since the administrators fulfill this procedure manually. WeSellCrypto works using PayPal, so make sure that you use the email address which is connected to your PayPal account.

If you are planning to exceed the lowest limit ($15 per day), then you need to provide your government issued ID.

The cryptocurrencies presented on this website include Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Reddcoin and Litecoin.

The minimum possible purchase makes $3, while the maximum one depends on your verification level. Remember that besides transaction fees established by the website, you will also have to pay charges that come from PayPal.

In fact, coins at WeSellCrypto are not cheap – the prices are 15%-20% higher than market offers. However, it is really convenient and secure to buy coins with PayPal, therefore most users are ready to pay additionally.

The website is pretty simple and doesn’t have too many confusing graphs and tables. If you don’t need too much from buying coins – that’s a good option for you, however if you are a professional trader, who analyzes the market situation and uses special tools – you might be a bit disappointed. The only way WeSellCrypto functions is offering coins for sale. Users cannot locate their offers and make deals around each other. Maybe, this is why they are currently out of stock.

To get coins here, you just need to choose the type of currency and buy it. After that, you will get your crypto instantly.

Customer support at WeSellCrypto is available by email only. This is not a perfect way for support, since all customers’ issues are resolved in 24 hours minimum and no urgent matters can be fixed.

Company was wronged by a hi-jack attack in 2015. However, these were their early times and we hope that today’s security system is more advanced and reliable than it was back then.


  • If they have coins, you can buy them instantly – no need to wait for days;
  • The website owners and administrators communicate with users in various forums, including Reddit;
  • You can use PayPal to buy coins;
  • Their website is very simple.


  • They are out of stock right now;
  • Coins are very expensive;
  • You need to provide your ID if you want to make transactions over $15.


WeSellCrypto does a good job to support crypto community and provide users with convenient, fast and simple service. Visit any large crypto forum and you will see Greg Cronheim and David Larsson sharing their ideas and thoughts about various topics.

However, remember that using your PayPal account to get cryptos may be a risky adventure, so do a personal research before making a deal with WeSellCrypto. Hopefully, they will get back up and running soon.

Client Reviews

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1 5 1
There are websites that offer cheaper btc for pp and work better and faster than wesellcrypto so I don’t recommend this site. Its not like they are scam but among all the other servies I ever knew and tried they are not a choice to consider

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Unverified accounts are allowed to make $15 purchases per day! That’s ridiculous

2 5 1
Getting coins for paypal instantly is a very nice perspective. But prices at Wesellcrypto bite, everything is very expensive and slow. I think there are a lot of alternatives online and they are not the only ones who offer btc for paypal

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I had some experience with this service once. Wesellcrypto allows Paypal and this is the only plus of their service. Website is extremely slow, rates are high, customer support ignores messages or sends automatic replies. I am totally dissatisfied with the way they treat their clients.

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tried to use Wesellcrypto once but my payments failed. Just after getting verified, I located a $150 order and instantly got a message that my payment is disabled and my account is blocked because I used proxy. Okay, I turn proxy off and place the same order again. The story repeats My problem has never been resolved

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