Waves (WAVES)

Mkt. Cap.
$ 96.593 M
Vol. 24h
$ 4.158 M
Open 24h
$ 0,99
Low/High 24h
$ 0,94 - $ 1,02
Circulating Supply
100 000 000
Total Supply
100 000 000
Hash Algorithm
Leased POS

Waves (WAVES) Token and Platform: What Is It?

Waves is a web-platform that uses blockchain technology for proper functioning. The main purpose of the resource is to provide users with a capability to create their personal digital tokens right on the website. Visitors are encouraged not only to generate tokens, but also perform financial operations through Waves, such as exchanging and transferring. Both generated tokens and fiat money can be used on the platform.

The project was launched by Alexander Ivanov in 2016. Waves became one of the most successful crowdfunding initiatives in the world of digital money and collected about 30.000 of BTC for development. The main aim of the creator was to expand the possibilities of blockchain and improve its weak points such as speed and scalability. With time, the project obtained self-sufficiency and an ample quantity of adherents.

How does it work?

Waves allows users to create and use their own digital assets. There you can launch your own coin and use it for any financial purpose you may have. What is more, Waves offers opportunities for crowdfunding and independent trading. Therefore, this platform can be called a user-friendly and decentralized space for honest and clear trading, tokenization, and more additional options we will describe later.

Users can keep, transfer, trade, and present their own coins. A high level of decentralization is furnished by the blockchain, which has an open source. This project cannot be perceived as a replacement of BTC, but a place, where cryptos, fiat money, tokens, and other assets can be easily reshaped, sent, exchanged and stored in a 100% decentralized way.

What are the special features of Waves?

  • Token creation

As we have already mentioned, one of the most important features offered by the Waves project is an opportunity to create your own tokens or digital coins. The process doesn’t take more than a minute. Every user, who has at least 1 WAVE coin in his wallet, can create assets with the help of the Waves platform. You can make your own coin, give it a name, and decide all the parameters of it yourself, which is also a beneficial feature for crowdfunding.

  • Waves Dex

Waves Dex is a decentralized exchange, that allows users to sell BTC, ETH and other coins and receive the platform’s native currency WAVES or any other currency launched by the resource.

There is a smart contract system on the platform, which increases safety and confidentiality of all users’ operations. However, it is not as complex and advanced as the one used by Ethereum and therefore needs improvements.

  • Fiat deposition

Users can use the platform as an exchange and get traditional money like USD or EUR for coins created on the Waves platform as well as other cryptos, such as ETH or BTC.

The tokens created on the platform can be used for various purposes, including voting, bonus systems, discounts and more. Today, more than 4.600 coins were issued there, which means that this is an efficient and popular resource for cryptocurrency fans.