Overall Rating Overall rating: 2.7 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Type Trader Exchanger
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FeaturesReferral program gives you 25% of first transaction’s fee of your invited friend; SatoshiTango allows you to pay your bills with BTC and order a physical card to pay in markets and cafes with cryptocurrency (but only if you are Argentinian)
Margin TradingNo
Deposit FeesYes (depends on payment method)
Trading Fees2%
Withdrawal Fees$20
Tradeable Coins Bitcoin (BTC)


  • There are great features here, but they are useless if you are not Argentinian
  • The website is user-friendly and easy to use


  • High fees
  • The website is focused on the local market
  • The verification process is long and tiresome

SatoshiTango Cryptocurrency Trading Service Review

Today’s cryptocurrency market eagers to provide users with more flexible and simple ways of getting coins. But how to take the most advantage of such services and avoid cheaters? To assist you make the right choice, we will review the next exchange service, so you will clearly understand whether it is worth your attention or not. Today we are going to talk about

We’ve had some difficulties looking for comprehensible information about SatoshiTango across the web, since it is oriented on Spanish audience. This site represents cryptocurrency trading world in Argentina and provides a payment resource powered by BTC. They do provide their services to users from all over the globe, but only Argentinians can take advantage of the unique features here.

How It Works?

Like any other trading website, SatoshiTango requires you to create an account before you can start your activity there. If you are an experienced user (or if you read exchange reviews), you already know that there are two types of registration processes with trading platforms. The first type is simple and fast – all you need to provide is your email and basic personal information like name and country you live in. The second type is more complex and requires personal details, ID scan and more. At SatoshiTango, creating an account has two steps. First, you have to mention your basic personal info. After that, you will need to pass a verification process, which includes providing your full name, national ID or passport along with scans or photos and your DOB. The entire process is time-consuming and a bit complex.

At SatoshiTango you can choose an email registration or sign up for Google or Facebook. If you are an Argentinian user, you may enjoy a great deal of features in addition to buying/selling coins. These features include BTC payments through their website, paying bills with cryptocurrency, toping up your mobile phone, and requesting a debit card. A few cryptocurrency platforms have such an extended list of services to offer.

The unique feature of SatoshiTango is that it provides really simple crypto and fiat currency exchange. There are no charts, tables, and other annoying things here – they just accept your money/coins and that’s all. To start your activity, just sign up, open your account page, scroll down under the tab called “Services” and choose the option you are interested in. 

There is also a funding page, which is in Argentinian pesos by default. As the website provides services worldwide, there are USD deposits, too. The minimum one is $10 and the highest one is $10,000. The payment methods available here include BaproPagos, Pago Facil, CobroExpress, Provincia Pagos and Pago Facil. However, be aware that the fee for USD accounts is enormously high – $20.


  • The website provides two-factor authentication, which allows you to put additional security layer on your account.
  • The service has a VISA card that allows users withdraw money from their accounts using AMTs around the world. The good thing is that you won’t face any funding issues with withdrawal, since it is backed by USD, not BTC.
  • A referral program gives you 25% of the fee of your friend’s first transaction.
  • The website is so simple that you can make a deal with a couple of clicks.


  • The main minus of SatoshiTango is that it is focused on the Argentinian audience, so if you don’t live in Argentina, you won’t be able to enjoy all the amazing features they have to offer.
  • If you are not found of long and troublesome registration and verification processes – than SatoshiTango is definitely not for you.
  • The only communication channel with a customer support team is email. It means that nobody will solve your problem immediately and you’ll have to wait for a while.


If you live and Argentina and have no idea which crypto exchange is the best for you, then we encourage you to try SatoshiTango. They offer great features as well as high level of security. In addition, their website is so simple that even a newcomer will feel confident with it. International traders may try StaoshiTango, too. However, they won’t be able to enjoy its best offers to the fullest.

Client Reviews

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3 5 1
Tried this website just for fun. Not good not bad. Didn’t find any interesting services for those who live beyond spain, besides, fees are high

2 5 1
My transaction at satoshitango is pending since last Monday - is this site THAT slow? Or should I say “bye-bye” to my money already? Maybe, somebody have some suggestions? I guess, satoshitango will join my personal shame list anyway.

3 5 1

2 5 1
Most features at the website are available only if you are from argentina. im not. So there is no sense in satoshitango for me – I cannot use unique offers of the service, therefore its no different from all other similar services. Except the fact that everything is incredibly slow here and fees are too high. No reasons to use this site if you are not from argentina, guys

2 5 1
I came at this website almost accidentally…and it’s a no-no for me never again, satoshi tango! Its not a very popular site and there is a few reviews about it on the web, but I am not satisfied with most aspects of it. The worst are verification and fees. the verification took an eternity! And oh my fees are insane. $20 deposit fee?? Oh really?

2 5 1
High fees, long operations. This platform ate my wire transfer without batting an eyelid I have to say that this "tango" is one of the weakest trading websites I have ever met. Unfortunately, cannot recommend

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