MobileGo (MGO)

Mkt. Cap.
$ 692.678 k
Vol. 24h
$ 178
Open 24h
$ 0,01
Low/High 24h
$ 0,01 - $ 0,01
Circulating Supply
100 000 000

MobileGo (MGO) Review: What Is It and How Does It Work?

MobileGo (MGO) is a token built on the basis of Waves and Ether. It is considered as related to GAME coin, one of the first assets created for exchange between video games fans. MGO is a new digital currency that was launched in 2018. The main aim of its developers is to develop and support decentralized gaming apps and become a serious player in the eSports betting industry. This coin is considered to serve as a reward for gamers’ active participation.

How does it work?

MGO coin provides a lot of benefits to different popular niches. For those who take part in the sport betting, MGO will serve as a reward for correct predictions and as an entrance fee. For gamers, MGO can provide an opportunity to buy bonus content and get discounts.

MobileGo tokens exist on two platforms: Ethereum and Waves. Therefore, users can get both Ether-MGO and Waves-MGO, grounded on one or another blockchain. The amount of tokens grounded on one platform correspond to the number of the same tokens frozen on the other platform. However, this idea is under revising right now and coin developers are about to move all tokens to Ethereum. Currently they are working on swaps systems to allow users change their Waves-MGO to Ether-MGO without bugs and problems.

Unique features of MobileGo

Most MGO’s features are still under development:

  • A platform for eSports

The developers are working on various front- and back-end services to provide users with mobile/HTML5/PC games experience. Also, the game developers will have the right to integrate content on MobileGo’s platform.

  • A web portal

Gamers will have an opportunity to get access to functional part of the portal’s ecosystem and unify the playing experience across different devices (mobile phone, computer).

  • Platform for support and mining

Users will be able to provide the computing powers of their PCs to the MobileGo’s network for a reward. The computing powers will be used for mining.

  • Core services

This will include API getaway, payment system, and other user services used by all products inside the system.

  • Accounts for active publishers

The network will encourage users to work with the system, create and publish materials and content, including games, advertisement, news, and more. Users will also be able to perform integrations if needed.