What Are Bitcoin Mining Programs and Why Do You Need Them?

A short while ago, bitcoins were familiar to special interests groups only. However, these days, cryptocurrencies have become popular among the general public, too. More and more people unrelated to programming or online trading decide to treasure bitcoins hoping to break a big jackpot one fine day. Users who don’t want to buy bitcoins for cash, choose and alternative method – to mine coins on their computers or specialized farms.

While actual mining is done by the powerful hardware, software is essential to connect you to the pool and blockchain. Software serves to provide work to the miners, receive completed tasks from them, and settle this information to a blockchain. Bitcoin mining software suits almost any OS, including Linux, OSX, Windows 10/7/8/XP, etc.

Thus, the tasks of mining software are not limited to transferring information into the blockchain. They also serve to keep you aware of the hashrate, fan speed, temperatures, and middle speed of a miner. There is a great deal of paid and free bitcoin mining software and all of these programs have their particular qualities. Be sure to read about them and weigh up the pros and cons before you acquire one.

How to choose mining software that suits you best?

  • Determine what type of cryptocurrency you are going to mine

It is important because oftentimes different types of coins have their own algorithms. Consequently, Bitcoin uses blockchain, Monero uses CryptoNight, and Ayota is based on Tangle registry.

  • Evaluate the power of your hardware

If your processor cannot deliver more than 20 MHz/s, than there is no point in using software designed for high powers. Setting up “heavy” program that works with higher capacities than your processor can deliver will overheat or even disable your computer.

  • Different types of mining

The last point is to match the mining program with the type of work you are going to do. As a rule, mining on video cards, processors and ASICs use different programs. There are cross functional programs, but most of them are specifically designed for GPU-, CPU- or ASIC-mining.

The most popular mining software

  • CG Miner

CG Miner is one of the most popular programs used for bitcoin mining. It is suitable for mining on a processor or ASIC. The best advantage of this soft is high efficiency and stability performed in the background. In other words, there is no need to monitor CG Miner constantly – you just launch the calculations and go about your business. Mind, that it is tailored for experienced users and might be too difficult for beginners.

  • GUI Miner

GUI Miner is a pretty functional program for CPU bitcoin mining. In fact, it is similar to CG Miner only simpler. Despite the convenience of GUI, sophisticated users still prefer a more reliable CG. In turn, beginners usually start with GUI and move to CG later.

Miner Gate is an easy-to-use program that supports about 14 types of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin, Monero, and more. A program has a smart-mode that will help you decide which cryptocurrency is more profitable to mine at the moment.

  • Nheqminer

Nheqminer is a pretty complicated program for processor or video card mining. It is not recommended for CPU-mining because it loads the processor to the maximum and overload can end up with a breakdown. This program is suitable for experienced users because it doesn’t have any official instructions and all commands need to be entered through the console.

  • Ufasoft Miner

Ufasoft is a simple program for CPU-mining. It supports currencies like Bitcoin, Namecoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Earthcoin, Peercoin, Devcoin, and more. It has a convenient graphical interface, temperature adjustment, and low system requirements. However, it cannot be synchronized with powerful equipment, so the mining results will be modest. Despite this, Ufasoft is perfect for beginners who want to understand the mining principles and start their journey.

  • DiabloMiner

DiabloMiner is a powerful software for CPU- and GPU-mining. It can be synchronized with the most powerful hardware (for example, video cards newer than Nvidia 8 and AMD 79). As a result, advanced software combined with powerful hardware will certainly make the mining performance much better. Thus, DiabloMiner is suitable for advanced users rather than newcomers.

  • Nice Hash Miner

Nice Hash Miner allows you to get coins using a processor or video card. This software supports different types of currency, however converts all of them into bitcoins automatically. So if you plan to collect other currencies and earn money on a rate change, Nice Hash Miner is not an option.

  • Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is designed for professional miners who work with several remote computers. Due to the advanced algorithm, this program monitors profitable currency for mining and switches to the best existing variants. Also, Awesome Miner tracks the temperature and current load of the equipment. However, unlike the other software listed above, this one is paid. The basic version will cost you 30$, while an advanced one goes for about 800$.

  • EasyMiner

Easy Miner is a GUI miner suitable for Android, Linux, and Windows. It provides users with simple graphs for convenient visualization of mining activity.

Genesis Mining provides cloud mining plans for those who doesn’t own any specialized hardware. This platform is one of the largest and most reliable resources available on the web. In addition to bitcoins, Genesis Mining also provides zchash mining options.

Remember that when it comes to bitcoin mining, software is no less important than hardware. Even the most powerful processor won’t bring you a desired result without suitable program for mining.