Metaverse (ETP)

Mkt. Cap.
$ 28.440 M
Vol. 24h
$ 711.324 k
Open 24h
$ 0,37
Low/High 24h
$ 0,36 - $ 0,00
Circulating Supply
75 438 869
Total Supply
100 000 000
Hash Algorithm
Network H/s
357 258 945 625

Metaverse Platform and ETP Cryptocurrency: What Is It and How It Works?

The Metaverse is a Chinese decentralized open-source platform based on the blockchain technology. In simple words, it was created to provide low-cost and convenient data and asset transfer in a secure and private way. The platform provides all resources for free creation of assets and blockchain projects. These assets and projects are expected to be used mostly by the network members.

Metaverse’s special features

Metaverse platform has a number of unique features you will hardly find anywhere else on the web. Among them developers and average users will find:

  • Registration of the digital assets

Digital assets are the new assets with growing popularity. At the Metverse platform, you can create your own asset in a couple of clicks.

  • Creating a digital identification

Metaverse allows you to create a digital identification and store your data there forever.

  • Oracle

Oracle is an intermediary service based on the decentralized system of reputations. This tool acts as a link between the Metaverse network and the real world.

Metaverse provides an opportunity for a free and simple exchange, opening a way to the Internet of Money.

The Metaverse wallet

The Metaverse official wallet has the following properties:

  • Metaverse has a deterministic wallet, which means that users can easily restore them without a necessity to provide their personal data
  • Metaverse allows customers to create assets on the platform and access them from the same place
  • Clients may create as many ETP addresses as they need and transfer their tokens between addresses.

The Metaverse’s native cryptocurrency ETP

Metaverse has a cryptocurrency ETP, a fully decentralized digital coin based on the blockchain technology. The main idea of the platform was creating a space for storing digital assets and conducting digital identification, while ETP is a native token that ensures platform’s proper functioning. Chinese developers are looking for an opportunity to create their own version of Ethereum platform and Metaverse is one of such projects. Thus, the project is even more ambitious than making an analogue – Metaverse and ETP are trying to replace Ethereum and ETH and we believe that they have all chances to occupy this niche one day.

Users can buy ETP coins on most popular exchanges like Bitfinex and HitBTC. The current market price of one ETP coin is $2.05, however, it may vary on different trading websites. There are various versions of ETP wallets for Windows, Linux and MacOS, as well as online wallets. We recommend you to store your assets offline and outside exchanges to avoid any risks connected with hacker attacks.

In general, the main aim of Metaverse ETP developers was to create a platform that will support a community of users. One part of this community is meant to develop new blockchain projects and the other one is meant to invest in those projects and use them actively for their purposes.