How to Mine Smartcash

Smartcash is a growing cryptocurrency with small but communicative community. In the following article, we are going to share some useful facts and mining advice with our readers. So continue reading and find out how to mine this coin using Windows.

Currently, Smartcash is only available for individual mining. This means that you will mine it on your own, using your Smartcash personal wallet with setting customized for Smartcash.conf and SGMiner.

Smartcash mining process

  • Step 1

First, you should download a specialized wallet (right here). Launch it to let it update the setting in accordance with the current block.

Download a wallet

  • Step 2

Download a SGMiner to mine Smartchash (for AMD video cards).

or CCMiner – If you have NVIDIA card – here

We are going further to explain how to use SGMiner for a start…

Hardware requirements

  • 64-bit CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • one or more modern GPUs suited to OpenCL mining

The latest version is SGminer GM 5.5.5. To set it up, unfold a zip file and simply go to a folder.

Setting up a SGMiner

Find a file “start.bat”. You will have to edit it manually to make SGMiner work appropriately.

The line should look like this:

The –u parameter should be changed to your username and the –p parameter is for your password. Remember not to share this information with anyone! After you are done with this step, save the changes and exit.

  • Step 3

The next step is to join the miner and make your wallet work. To do so, follow the path on your PC:

C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\smartcash change\yourusername

“Yourusername” is for your computer’s name. If you cannot see the path in your window, then you can type it manually.

Once the path for Smartcash is done, create a .conf file to make your wallet function. The easiest way to do so is to copy this file from SGMiner fold, rename it and make one using a simple notepad.

Then go to SGMiner path where a GPU miner is situated, copy a file called sgminer-xmr.conf and remove it to a Smartcash path. Edit the file with the help of notepad but make sure that tickbox is not selected (we don’t want to make this file associated with a notepad).

Open the file and remove everything that is there. After you are done with deleting, add the following lines:








rpuser should be changed to the name you used in a SGMiner setup before. The same operation should be done with a line rpcpassword – change it to a password you used for SGMiner.

When you are done, save the changes and exit. After that, rename the file to smartcash.conf.

  • Step 4

Download curl here and extract the files.

  • Step 5

Now let’s start mining! Exit your wallet for a while and run it again to let it synchronize. Visit the curl directory and run the app. Now open SGMiner by launching “Start.bat”.

In a second, you will see the following picture:


Your mining is in process now. In a couple of hours you will see your first mined block.

And this is how it looks after you have mined more than one block:


The mined blocks will appear in your personal wallet one by one. To use them, you will have to wait for a confirmation from the network. Coins are labeled as “immature” until they are confirmed.

Wallet with Smartcoins

That’s it! Use this guide to set up and start your miner anytime you are in the mood for some coins.

Important note

If these instructions look too complicated, you may always connect to the pool in order to start mining. The official website offers three types for different parts residents:

However, you’ll still have to create a SmartCash Wallet and download miner.

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