Helbiz (HBZ)

Mkt. Cap.
$ 250.208 k
Vol. 24h
$ 2
Open 24h
$ 0,00
Low/High 24h
$ 0,00 - $ 0,00
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
1 005 250 000

Helbiz Platform and HBZ Cryptocurrency: Characteristics, Functions, Special Features

Helbiz is a platform for car sharing and renting. It has a native digital currency HBZ. This coin uses Ethereum’s blockchain and ERC-20 standard. This token was created to let users pay for car sharing services available at Helbiz. The service is based in Singapore and the owners are looking forward to entering the American and then the world market in the nearest future.

Helbiz uses blockchain to make the renting process automatized and allows users to rent their cars using their mobile phones without a necessity to do it manually. The main aim is to help clients and renters cooperate without any third parties and therefore decrease the transport cost and fees. Also, blockchain technology is expected to help Helbiz disrupt the vehicle market and escape the domination of monopolists like Lyft and Uber.

How does it work?

Helbiz is a peer-to-peer vehicle/bicycle renting service built on the blockchain. The team behind this project believes that crypto technologies will make the transactions safer and both parties will receive what they want for sure.

HBZ is a digital coin issued by the owners of Helbiz. Unlike most popular cryptos like BTC or ETH, HBZ is more stable because customers use them in their daily lives for transportation services provided by the service. Therefore, the growth of the coin’s price depends on the growth of service’s car sharing individuals. People, who invest in HBZ coin are those who have an interest in the car renting market.


HBZ appeared in 2018. It was first listed on Coinmarketcap in April with the price of $0.013. The lowest price for this coin was $0.008, while the highest was $0.038. The average token price was around $0.04.

The coin has been posting significant sums when it comes to a 24-hour volume. The volume was below $1 million on May and April and HBZ was posting an average of $2 million a day. The figures grew significantly on May to $5 million with the market cap of $2 million on that date. The traded volume than dropped to $3.8 million and the price dropped by 16%.

Helbiz believes that people rarely need to own a car to get somewhere they want. Most individuals don’t need a car on the regular basis but use it for specific period and purpose. This is really so, therefore Helbiz was positively accepted by the community after it was launched. This is another blockchain-based project that implements the advanced features of cryptocurrency and decentralization to provide users with services in a safe and simple way. Company’s future success depends on the public acceptance and number of individuals who will choose their renting service.