A Guide on How to Profit from Bitcoins without Mining

What are your associations with bitcoins? Financial pyramid? Complicated transactions? Weapons and drug traffickers?

We bet that you are dreaming of having one, but you are not sure how to use it. Maybe, you do not even know why you want it. However, you must be aware that bitcoins come from mining and mining requires powerful computer and entails huge electricity bills. In addition, Chinese already are bosses in this niche. Well, you do not need to compete Asian geniuses and mine bitcoins on your own to earn and profit from them.

We are going to show you a detailed and comprehensible guide on how to get money without mining (and owning) coins. There are many services, ways and options, and we have listed them below.

Get bitcoins at trading platforms

Trading cryptocurrency is very popular today. Numerous exchanges and platforms provide users with opportunities either to get bitcoins for dollars/euros or for other cryptocurrencies.

Some websites sell coins on their own, while the others act as trading space for buyers and sellers, just like eBay. Here are the most trusted and widely-used trading sites to start your bitcoin journey:

Micro earnings

Micro earning is a simple but very time-consuming way to get coins. Micro earnings are small tasks you complete on earning websites and receive small (very small) amounts of bitcoin. The most popular types of micro earning are:

  • Bitcoin faucets

Faucets are websites that give users small amounts of coins when they place advertisement on their sites and pay those users, who click the advertisement and complete surveys. In a word, users surf faucets and earn money through rotation links for every visited faucet. However, this is not the best way to earn money, since even the rotators offer less than $2 per day.

  • Paid-to-click

As you have already understood from the name, these are the websites that pay users for visiting websites and viewing ads. There are many such websites that pay small amounts of coins for clicks. The most popular type of them is called Ads4BTC, that provides awards for viewing ads that are 5, 10 and 20 seconds. Thus, even if you have 20 seconds adds running the whole day long, you won’t make more than $10 per day.

More advanced ways to earn

  • Writing blog articles about bitcoins

If you know a lot about bitcoin and this theme is interesting for you, then you may share your knowledge with others and earn bitcoins for that. Become a blog writer and earn money for your articles. The sum that you will get may vary accordingly to the level of your knowledge and writing skills.

  • Affiliate marketing

If you are writing a blog and it enjoys success, then you have a chance to earn with affiliate programs. Doing so, you can get money for locating referral links to existing bitcoin businesses. It means that if you have an interesting and popular blog appreciated by a lot of readers, companies will offer to locate links on their sites of commercial needs. Every click your readers make will bring you percentages.

  • Bitcoin-related services

If you are a techie rather than a writer and your level of expertise is high, then there is a number of opportunities related to cryptocurrency development activity. Today many start-ups in cryptocurrency mostly need software and web developers in their teams. These startups vary and some of them can provide remoted part-time jobs while the others have full-time vacancies to offer. Therefore, the amount of money you can earn from this activity will depend on the role you may get, the level of your knowledge and the amount of time you can dedicate.

  • Contracts for difference

Contracts for difference does not require buying or mining coins. The main advantage of buying contracts instead of currency is that your profits grow even if the price for currency falls. However, using contracts as a source of profit, you do not have any control over coins you trade with, since you do not own them. Thus, you can use them for trading needs only.


Certainly, there are some ways to earn money on bitcoins without mining and even without owning them. As you have already understood from the article, there are no absolutely free ways to get income from cryptocurrency and you need to give something in return. In most cases, you need to invest your time and expertise. However, the market is growing and the opportunities grow in quantity, which means that expertise in bitcoin and related themes is a great source of income. There is no better time to get involved in cryptocurrency, so good luck.

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