Ethereum (ETH)

Mkt. Cap.
$ 15.650 B
Vol. 24h
$ 82.708 M
Open 24h
$ 135,67
Low/High 24h
$ 135,65 - $ 150,43
Circulating Supply
110 358 222
Hash Algorithm
Difficulty Adjustment
Per 1 Block
Block №
5 662 759
Network H/s
233 563 512 073 440
Block Revard

Everything You Need to Know about Ethereum and Ether

Ethereum is a platform that allows users to create apps with the help of blockchain technology. The main feature of these apps is that they are decentralized and therefore serve the specific needs of users and doesn’t depend on any third parties.

Ether is a so-called “fuel”, an element that allows users to operate the platform Ethereum. It is a cryptocurrency used by the members to perform financial operations. Today Ether is a second-most-valuable digital currency after Bitcoin.

How it works?

As many other cryptocurrencies, ether uses the technology of blockchain, which is a list of records (blocks) that provides the functionality of an entire network. Blockchain uses advanced cryptography and therefore is resistant to any data modifications. At the same time, it is an open register that stores the transactions made between users.

Like all other cryptocurrencies, ether is kept in special wallets that can be used to spend and receive it. Every user has a private key that allows to make all kinds of financial transactions.

Hot to get Ether?

If you are looking for an option to get cryptocurrency, there are numerous ways to do it. Ethereum is a system, however its product, Ether, is an emerging currency you can invest in. When you purchase ether, you aren’t actively working for Ethereum, but get currency and have a chance to exchange it when the price grows. Ether is extremely popular today because it provides users with beneficial offers as well as high level of security.

There are several websites that offer ether for buying or excahnge:

Exmo is known as one of the most reliable platforms to trade cryptocurrencies. Among a great number of currencies presented there, you will also find ether.

BitBay is the largest ether, bitcoin, litecoin and lisk exchange based in Poland. The security of the platform is ensured by several levels of encryption and advanced way of authorization.

LiveCoin is a website that offers various cryptocurrency pairs, including bitcoin and ether. In addition, you can purchase cryptocurrencies for standard cash such as dollars and euros there.

Yobit is known for a great variety of trading options and low fees. However, user opinions about this site vary: some of them claim that Yobit is absolutely safe, while the others blame it to be scam.


More and more users become interested in ether because price for bitcoin continues to grow. Even though ether didn’t catch up with bitcoin to the moment, it is certainly moves forward in the way of innovation.

Ethereum provides anonymity, decentralization and sustainability, becoming a massive challenger to other cryptocurrencies presented on the market. While ether is a younger brother of bitcoin, it continues to grow and it grows quickly.