How to Convert Litecoin To Bitcoin? A Simple Guide

There are many ways to get money in cryptocurrency. One of them is to flip your existing coins to those that may bring you a better income. You may change your coins in various pairs, be it fiat money or other cryptos. However, mind that this procedure requires patience and time.

Most experienced traders do so when the price for Bitcoin is stable for some period. They enter less popular coins like Litecoin (if they don’t pump currently, too). When Litecoin actually pumps, you may convert it to BTC and therefore get more income easily.

You can do so to increase your bitcoins amount for about 30-40%. However, to gain the profit, you have to understand how the process of conversion goes. We will list some efficient and simple ideas and resources to help you change between currency pairs.

Reliable exchange services to convert LTC to BTC

Binance is the top resource in terms of liquidity and one of the most popular exchange platforms in the world. Also, Binance offers low fees if you use its BNB tokens, which give you a 50% discount. Therefore, this is one of the most profitable choices for exchanging your litecoins to bitcoins if you are used to do so a couple of times in a month.

Also, this resource allows you to start your activity without long registration and verification process. For even faster exchange operations, use Binance’s mobile application.

Changelly is a well-known platform that offers various exchange services. There is a number of available options there and the entire process is made in a couple of steps.

This website is especially helpful when you have a lack of time and when the market becomes volatile. One of the main advantages of Changelly is that you don’t have to waste too much of your precious time to register there – an email ID will be enough to create an account and start using the service.

To exchange LTC to BTC at Changelly, you need a bitcoin wallet and a certain number of litecoins.

  • KuCoin

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency resource that grows really fast. It is appreciated by thousands of users due to the low fees and nice revenue sharing models.

As for a relatively young resource, it has significant liquidity for BTC/LTC pairs, so feel safe about making huge orders there.

KuCoin has a simple interface and a fast registration. If you want to change your bitcoins to litecoins there, you will have to deposit them and simply change to BTC in a couple of clicks.

  • Cryptopia

Cryptopia has been at the market for a long period of time. Therefore, you can get significant amounts of mature currencies like bitcoins and litecoins there. Register at this resource and make deals at once. You will be amazed by a simplicity of Cryptopia’s interface: converting LTC to BTC won’t take you more than ten minutes.


As you can see, there are numerous resources where you can get bitcoins for litecoins easily. Most platforms have simple and intuitive interface, fast registration, and profitable fees. To make a deal, you have to register an account first. After you are done with this step, just make a deposit in litecoins and swap them to bitcoins. Yes, the process is that simple.

Also, remember that the websites listed above are perfect for exchanging cryptos, but absolutely unsuitable for storing them for a long time. Make sure that you place your coins in personal wallet right after making a deal, otherwise you will make them susceptible to thieves.

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