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TeraBox Overall rating: 1.2 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
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Fraud RiskMedium
Hash AlgorithmSHA-256, Scrypt, ETHASH, ZCASH, Pos
Coins Bitcoin (BTC) LiteCoin (LTC) Ethereum (ETH) DASH (DASH)


  • Low fees
  • Sell-back option of mining contracts
  • High paying referral program


  • Lot's of negative feedback in the network
  • Lack of information on the company
  • No social media presence
  • Clients are unable to select mining pools

TeraBox Cloud Mining Platform: A Detailed Review

In today’s cryptocurrency market it is absolutely impossible to earn cash without having powerful equipment. However, there are cloud services that attract potential miners by providing them with an alternative option. TeraBox is another website that frees users from the restrictions connected with getting expensive and energy-consuming mining hardware.

TeraBox is a widely-used resource that offers cloud mining opportunities since 2014. Relying on the photos located on their website, TeraBox has a large server room with a mining farm. However, those pictures are not too detailed to say what kind of equipment they own. Also, there is no comprehensible information about the company’s owners and location. Considering the fact that the level of distrust at the cryptocurrency market is sky high, it looks a bit suspicious.


Mining at TeraBox starts right after you create an account and buy hashpower. Later, earnings can be kept on a personal account or invested in the further investments into hashpower if you want to continue cooperation with this website. The longest contract you can establish with this company will last for five years. Also, one can sell back a mining contract to the company.

The website provides users with real time mining results, so clients can be aware of their earnings all the time. On the other hand, users have no pool selecting option. TeraBox claims that their powerful equipment chooses the most profitable mining pools on its own, so customers don’t have to worry about that.

Pros and cons

The positive features of this service are:

  • Referral program brings clients 10% share from the purchased hashpower, which is pretty much in comparison with other websites
  • Users are always aware of their mining results
  • Transparent pricing
  • An opportunity to sell your contract back to the company

The negative sides of TeraBox are:

  • There is no exact information about the company
  • They only accept bitcoins as a payment and no other options (bank cards, PayPal, etc) are available
  • No opportunity for customers to select mining pools on their own

Profitable special features, referral program and transparency make TeraBox popular among customers. However, an absence of basic information about the owners make this resource a bit suspicious especially for the newcomers.

Client Reviews

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1 5 1
Scam! Es un timo. Nunca podrás recuperar el dinero Nunca contestan a los correos

1 5 1
This is a PURE SCAM. Don't put in your money. I have requested payout 3 months ago, I have sent support email 10 times, nothing.

1 5 1
This mining website is a scam !!!!!

2 5 1
Terabox accepts your investments and never gives you anything in return. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who were successful at making a withdrawal there.

2 5 1
I tried to transfer money to my terabox account and start earning coins but it doesn’t work. Not sure if fraud but how can I proceed?

1 5 1
I have faced a lot of problems when using Terabox! First, their customer support ignores messages. I had withdrawal issues, my efforts to get the coins I have earned ended up with “error occurred, contact support” every time. When I tried to do so, support simply didn’t respond. Then I tried to transfer my coins to the coinbase account. I received a confirmation, my coins left the wallet but never reached coinbase’s account. Four messages I have written to terabox’s support were traditionally ignored. And the worst thing – there is no transaction history to check your operations. Very sad!

1 5 1

1 5 1
These guys don’t pay money, avoid using this service

1 5 1
I have problems with withdrawing crypto from my account at Terabox – every time I try, service throws an error message I wrote thousands of emails to their customer support – no response.

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