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OXBTC.COM Overall rating: 2.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
Owner/FounderChinese Company Halleycloud Technology
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Fraud RiskMedium
Hash AlgorithmSHA-256, Scrypt, Ethash
Coins Bitcoin (BTC) LiteCoin (LTC) Ethereum (ETH) ZCash (ZEC)


  • Fees and prices for cloudmining maintenance are low here
  • Bitcoin deposits are available
  • There is an opportunity to trade hashpower


  • English translation of the website is incomplete and some pages are in Chinese
  • Payments can be done in BTC and LTC only

Chinese Cloud Mining OXbtc: Review

OXbtc provides users with all types of equipment needed for cloud mining. This is a Chinese company, but we don’t know too much about its owners, since they prefer to stay anonymous. Many users from all over the world invest in OXbtc (gladly, there is an English version of the website) and claim it to be trustworthy and legit. Today we are going to take a closer look at OXbtc and some capacities they offer.

How it works?

OXbtc has the following cloud mining opportunities for users:

As you can see, there is a wide choice of various hashpower types and they come in different versions: there are newer and older ones. The newer versions consume less electricity and therefore bring more revenue, while the older ones bring less revenue, but they are significantly cheaper.

Also, OXbtc provides a hashpower exchange service, which is a huge plus. With the help of this platform, users can sell hashpower and lease their equipment in case of need. However, this service is not permanently available: sometimes the administration of OXbtc offers it, sometimes they don’t.

In addition to cloud mining services, OXbtc also provides an opportunity for other investments (however, with a pretty low yield). Moreover, this company has profitable promotions for customers. You can get a prize – free hashpower, for instance – or some other bonuses. So be attentive and check their Facebook and Tweeter from time to time (especially, when major Chinese holidays come).

Pros and cons

We would like to mention the following advantages of OXbtc:

  • Low maintenance fees
  • Cheap cloud mining prices
  • Profitable contracts are available
  • Bitcoin deposits
  • Possibility to sell hashpower

And some cons, too:

  • This service owns a number of different cloud mining websites
  • Limited payment methods are available (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether)
  • The website has an English version but some parts of it are available in Chinese only
  • The service owners don’t reveal any information about themselves publicly


So is it worth your attention and should you invest money in OXbtc’s service? Let’s say, in most cases – yes, you should. Their profitable altcoin contracts, promotions and other interesting opportunities are quite advantageous. Also, OXbtc offers a special deposit feature for bitcoins with reasonable rates. In a word, this platform is pretty appealing, excepting that administrators are owning other cloud mining sites and don’t share any information about themselves, which might be a red flag of fraud. We recommend you to follow their social media accounts and hunt for the most profitable offers and actions, but be attentive if you are planning to cooperate with the service for a long time.

Client Reviews

5 5 1

1 5 1
I heard that oxbtc are the same people owning zeus hash and the last one is a scam service that screwed a lot of people so Im not sure oxbtc can be trusted at all

2 5 1
There are some minuses with OXBTC – the website is very unclear (a newcomer won’t get anything) and only ltc and btc are available for payment, I wish there were more coins. I made a withdrawal today and it took really long

3 5 1
If the photos at OXBTC’s website and facebook page are real, then they have an amazing mining “battlefleet” there )) I tried buying hash from them and never faced deposit or withdrawal issues. Sometimes, these operations took few days

2 5 1
Customer support at OXBTC is next to none. They don’t provide a phone number, so you cannot reach them fast enough…moreover, they don’t respond to the tickets you send. I made a deposit today and it has a “processing” status for 3 hours already. Don’t know what’s happening but still have a hope that my money didn’t vanish

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