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Fraud RiskMedium
Hash AlgorithmSHA256; X11; NeoScrypt; X13; Quark; Lyra2Rev2 и многих других
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  • Reliability of the service
  • Possibility of mass rig rents
  • Ability to revise the rig rental agreement
  • Many positive reviews


  • Manually rigs updating

Mining Rig Rentals: Services, Features, Benefits and Implications

MiningRigRentals is a cloud mining platform suitable for newcomers and experienced miners who are looking for an opportunity to work with new methods and equipment. This service started as a tool for the members of the mining community in 2014. The owners claim that their company is situated in the New York City, however there is no public record about people who stand behind it.

Many users entrust their investments to this mining pool for years, which invites the assumption that Mining Rig Rentals is one of the companies that can be trusted. Let’s find out more about them.


Mining Rig Rentals offers its users to choose the mining algorithms and review specific rigs that can be rented at the moment. With the help of this service, you are free to use different mining tools such as hashrate graph and rating system. After picking a rig you are interested in, you should specify how many hours you want to rent it and make a payment. There are different pools suitable for various mining purposes as well as some back-up instruments available at the website.

Mind that every rig is designed to mine a specific algorithm and you won’t be able to change it once the rent has begun. When renting one, make sure to consider some key aspects such as hashrate, available rentable hours, performance index and profitability. Options for rental periods vary from three hours to one month.

Pros and cons

The main benefits of using Mining Rig Rentals are the following:

  • Users have a chance to try different mining rigs which can provide a potential new experience and revenue
  • If you offer your own rig for rent, other users have an access to your hashing power only, while your hardware and configurations are protected by a service
  • Users receive payments after 12 after the rent is over
  • There are detailed and simple tutorials available at the website

The minuses of using this platform are the following:

  • The fees offered by Mining Rig Rentals are pretty high
  • You need to be savvy about the basics of cryptocurrency mining to choose the most efficient options
  • Newcomers might be confused by the website usability which is not so convenient.

To sum up, Mining Rig Rentals provides opportunities for both – users who are looking for mining equipment and those who would like to lend their farms for money. If you are one of those users – consider trying this resource out.

Client Reviews

5 5 1
I dont understand why the Overall Rating is just 2 stars, mining with MRR 3 months with no problem.

1 5 1
This site is almost fraudulent. Don't even use this site... waste of money and time.

1 5 1
fee`s higher than what the rig mined!!... not recommended!!..

1 5 1
The site itself is not bad but they can charge somewhat higher fees than for example nicehash. But that is still not problem because you are renting dedicated hardware compared to nicehash. Its pretty much same as fixed order on nicehash but with one main caveat. Nicehash check all miners and disconnect bad ones and you pay only for shares validated by nicehash. If you buy fixed order nicehsh will replace disconnected miners to fullfill your order and you can get +-5% of what you expect. On MRR the people who rent rigs are in no way honest with advertised mining speed, outages and most importantly prices. Most renters charge 2-10x more than what you will actually mine at current profitability. So if you see a rentable rig with good price please check again because most likely you missed one zero and it most likely cost 10x more than what you thought. If you want to atleast have chance to make some money rent with nicehash. And if you see a good opportunity somewhere buy Fixed order on nicehash to make sure noone outbid you and are all set.

5 5 1
Great site, Let me tell you why. They have a great site design and features for renters and owners to maximize their profit and keep up with the latest coin launches. As well as a thought out settings area, with sections for the Four payment types they offer (BTC,LTC,ETH,DASH). History view for your rentals transactions, convenient payout system with payouts arriving within 3 hours for bitcoin and 15 minutes for the other coins. Account history and 2FA security. No other details are required it seems, so effectively an anonymous site. I can withdraw quickly without any need to store earnings on their site for long periods. This makes it quite secure and safe. Whats great about rentals?????? Well for a renter, you can choose from over 100 algorithms. You can catch new coins and mine on them, as long as people list their rigs. MRR adds algorithms pretty quickly, some for coins that haven't launched yet. I was able to make a mint on Grin with their opening of that section within hours of coin launch!!!! Lots of opportunities for renters to make money here. Despite what the other reviews say. Their fees are low, half as much as other services, and they offer great support. Nice to see those fees going to something good at least. For rig owners, Its just as good. Like I mentioned, over 100 algorithms to choose from to maximize profit. You can choose your own price, or use auto price. Payments are made in one of 4 coins they accept, on my choice, but seems like rig must accept BTC. I don't mind, since network fees are low at the moment. They have rental history pages for renters, and pages for rig owners to manage their rig. Other tools for mass renting of rigs work ok too. Overall I enjoy using this site. I can manage my rigs, make an extra few dollars and generally have a good time using it for my mining hobby.

1 5 1
i used to rent here and give out rent, renters some of the, a bunch of crooks hire your slow rigs and throw them on high diff coins and ports esp solo pools and when they dont hash cause of diff levels even setuot in rental aggreement still penilizes rig owners and renters to get their commisions, this is fraud site full of hackers and needs a federal police investigations as lots of ppl making clean money from renting over priced rig rentals that mining rewards lower each day stay away Our team had been banned cause so called failed rigs but it really diffs it's scam to take your cash, they claim rig owners cant see your personal details but they really can with some coding on their mining open sourced script is much safer

2 5 1
Miningrigrentals’ services are not as profitable as they claim on a website – and I believe they know that it is not fair to promise income when getting it is simply impossible. my conclusion about renting mining rigs is that renting them to get bitcoins is stupid. you need to invest a ton of money to get at least something

2 5 1
Renting a rig at Miningrigrentals can be profitable only if you know how to count your ROI and have a clear plan of your actions and investments. Still, risks remain in place – charges here are much higher than your possible income.

2 5 1
Sometimes it is possible to make money renting a rig, but sometimes you are just out of luck. Well, as for the Miningrigrentals – I had zero income here. Because the payouts actually cannot cover all the fees and investments you must provide to a service.

3 5 1
I tried various types of mining and renting a rig was not the happiest one. I used Miningrigrentals for two months and I have never returned my investments – so there is no point in thinking about any profits. Maybe, I am doing it wrong

2 5 1
I tested this site to understand what are those mining lease services and my conclusion is that they are not profitable as a whole. I don’t know if it is a problem of MiningRigRentals or is it a fact but the only one who gets profit from such service is actually a company that offers rigs (and a rig owner if a company acts as an in-betweener). No chance to get profit for users like me and you. This site requires fees and rental that are a couple of times bigger than your proposed profit. MiningRigRentals’ contracts only seem to be profitable from the first glance, but when you start cooperating with them, you understand that you won’t get any real profit even in a long run.

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