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  • This resource is simple and user-friendly
  • MinerGate accepts nearly all types of support processors
  • Can be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS


  • Doesn’t support GPU
  • Anonymous founders
  • Some reviews on the web claim that MinerGate is “borrowing” users’ hashrate

MinerGate Review: Is It a Legit Cloud Mining Service?

We all know that these days mining bitcoins on your own is complex and almost impossible, so average users leave this to the techies who have a clear understanding of what to do. Even if you are clever enough and have a powerful equipment, this might be a risky experience for an individual bitcoin miner.

However, there are companies that make cryptocurrency mining attainable to an average user. They provide downloadable software and even rentable hardware to bring individual miners together, unite their powers, and therefore get better results. These groups of miners are known as pools. One of the resources that provide people with such opportunity is MinerGate. Today you will learn more about this site, the way it works and features it provides. So read on and get to know everything about MinerGate pros and cons.

How it works?

MinerGate is an open resource for miners who are looking for an opportunity to combine their powers with thousands of other miners and work more efficiently. The process is pretty simple: distanced computers work together to solve complicated mining issues and receive reward for successful operations. After that, a reward is divided between members of the block. The software is easily downloadable and therefore every person can join a group and start earning bitcoins, ethereum, and other digital money. Cloud service is one of the best ways to avoid all usual complexities connected with mining.

As for the MinerGate, you can just need to install software and launch it on your computer. Powerful computers will add more hashpower, but you can also use a simple laptop or a PC. Moreover, users are even welcome to use an application for a smartphone if they are so dedicated to the process. From the first glance it seems to be very convenient, but be aware that the smaller and weaker your device, the less you will earn. While a PC and a laptop have significant limitations but still are somehow acceptable, a cellphone is nearly useless when it comes to hashing power. 

MinerGate is simple to use, however there are complicated processes that run in the background. Just a couple of clicks and MinerGate exploits your hardware to the fullest, depending on how much power you are ready to dedicate. The best thing is that you don’t have to take part in this procedure – just launch MinerGate and let it do all the hard work instead of you. Actually, this is how simple it works.

There are other cloud mining pools on the web, but most of them are more complex than MinerGate and they usually mine only one currency type. MinerGate can work from both CPU and GPU (Graphical Processing Unit – a chip that allows your computer to display intensive graphics like video games). This means that you can mine multiply coins simultaneously.

Pros and cons

If we compare this platform to other mining pools, MinerGate has the following advantages:

  • The website supports multiple languages;
  • There is a large amount of coins available for mining (and you can mine them at the same time without losing hashrate);
  • There are different types of rewards (PPS and PPLNS);
  • It is easy to connect to the network, therefore newcomers will find this resource especially useful.

…And disadvantages:

  • This service doesn’t provide hardware for rent;
  • Users claim that sometimes software doesn’t work regularly (however, this problem usually occurs because of the incorrectly installed drivers for the GPU).


In general, MinerGate has positive reputation on the market. Numerous customer reviews available online claim that MinerGate is a reliable and convenient service that can be trusted. We did not find any serious negative reviews about this service, therefore we conclude that MinerGate works steadily and can be a good choice for those users who consider cloud mining.  We recommend this website for crypto mining, especially if you are using a GPU-rig.

Client Reviews

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It's a Scam. Lost all coin that I mined and support does not reply

1 5 1
They scam me more then 4000 USD. They stopped payout BTC Cloud Mining at 18th January and dont answer any questions but begging for new customers with EOS actually. Why all guys go ahead and mine with them? Yesterday i tried also with my RTX2080 to mine ETH with their miner. After 3 Hours of Mining they dont wrote down anything in the balance. Looks like they also stole your Hashpower away. Tell all People to stop using their service!

4 5 1

1 5 1
It is very easy to start working at Minergate, but losing your time and money is even easier. I tried gpu mining and this was awful – it crashes a lot if you have mixed gpus and you have to reload them all the time. Minimum withdrawals are okay, but fees for this operation are insane – to get a sum you mine 3 days, you need to pay a sum you might get after a week of mining.

3 5 1
Minergate has low fees, which is a rare case at cloud mining services, I do appreciate this nuance. However, mining bytecoins here were not very successful – I didn’t get any significant profit during 5 months. Also, had problems with withdrawing – my transaction is still pending, but 48 hours has passed

2 5 1
I have withdrawal problems at minergate…made a transaction to my personal wallet from this resource and waiting for 5 days for them to come…but they won’t. support is silent. hope this can be fixed

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