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  • Maintenance fee for litecoin and bitcoin
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  • There are negative users' reviews

HashFlare.io: A Fresh Review

Online services for cloud mining appeared a couple of years ago. Today, these platforms are extremely popular among users because they allow to mine cryptocurrencies remotely. This is a winning option that relieves you from a necessity to monitor the equipment’s operation, power supply and other configurations.

One of the most popular services of that kind is HashFlare. This is a pretty old project that has been on the cryptocurrencies market since the emergence of Bitcoin. They provide cloud mining services to users from all corners of the world for more than three years.

In this review we are going to find out whether HashFlare offers profitable cooperation conditions.


The main feature of HashFlare’s work is the provision of remote cloud mining equipment. There are five service plans different in the rent cost, productivity, and duration of the contracts. The standard agreement lasts one year, but there are tariffs with longer and even indefinite period of validity.

There are two service plans designed for Bitcoin and three for Ethereum, DASH and ZEC. The cooperation terms are different for each of them so you should use a specialized online calculator to determine which one is the most profitable for you individual plan.

With the help of HashFlare, you will be able to mine four types of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethertum, ZEC and DASH) and manage the available pools.

The pricing terms at HashFlare are relatively profitable. On average, 10 MH/s will cost you $ 1.6 (without using any of possible discounts). It is enough to invest $1.2 to get started. You can pay for equipment rent with your bank card, cryptocurrency or Webmoney. Also, there is a referral program that provides 10% of the amount of commission received by the administration of the service to users who invite their friends.

Pros and cons

HashFlare might be a beneficial option for the following reasons:

  • Low barriers to entry
  • Acceptable prices
  • Automatic reinvestment of funds (only for Bitcoin)
  • Various payment methods

The shortcomings of this service are:

  • You won’t be able to pull your funds during two weeks after changing a password
  • It is impossible to withdraw funds during two weeks after adding other wallets
  • Referral program doesn’t always work correctly

Make sure to look through the tariff plans offered by HashFlare and decide which one suits you best. Cooperating with this service might bring you positive experience if you allow for all possibilities before you start.

Client Reviews

1 5 1
I invested 10 USD, checked options to reinvest and I after 6 monhts I have 0.00004933 BTC = 0,5 USD.

1 5 1
WTF? 5 stars? This place conned so many people last year... They should be sued and hung to dry.

5 5 1

5 5 1
Hasflare is a nice place for cloud mining – they never fail to provide clear service and stable payouts

3 5 1
Hashflare has a lot of additional fees for all types of services, from coin maintenance to money transfers (not all of those fees are obvious). However, Hashflare is still better than most service I used before. They provide profitable conditions and I am going to stay with them for a long time.

4 5 1
First, I felt skeptical about cloud mining services and even planned to purchase mining equipment. Then I read a lot of reviews (some of them scared me a lot) and tried to understand the principles of cloud mining as a business model… it’s like you get a contract that allows you to use their ASIC and when the contract ends they sell it to someone else as if it was new! Well, seems to be simple, I thought. And calmed down. I am glad that Hashflare was the first service I ever tried cloud mining at. First months I invested all my profits in hashpower to improve the performance and then I started to get additional income. Cloud mining is about patience and wisdom : )

5 5 1
For me, Hashflare is a WIN. My initial forecast was approved – 2 months and all investments are covered and I receive my sustainable profit.

5 5 1
I decided to go in for mining, but getting a home farm seemed a bad idea – heat, hardware problems, noise and enormous electricity bills seemed to be a poor prospect. I decided to give Hashflare a chance and made a contract with them. My first investment brought some income and I decided to use this profit to buy additional hash. That was a good idea and I started to receive profit in a couple of months. No problems ever emerged with Hashflare, so I recommend it to everyone

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