AmberCoin (AMBER)

Mkt. Cap.
$ 0
Vol. 24h
$ 0
Open 24h
$ 0,01
Low/High 24h
$ 0,01 - $ 0,01
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
1 000 000 000
Hash Algorithm
Difficulty Adjustment
1 block
Block R.R.

AmberCoin (AMBER): Cryptocurrency and Platform Review

AmberCoin was created by a company known as Amber Trade Ltd. Initially, this project was focused on processing and trading amber and later it has implemented blockchain technology into its business to manage the shares and deals. With time, Amber Trade decided to pay more attention to the capabilities of blockchain and created shareholding unit AmberCoin. They have interest in cryptocurrency and provide users with shares in the form of AMBER coins, supporting their value with real asset – amber.

What is AMBER cryptocurrency?

AMBER is used for holding dividends provided by AmberCoin. The minimum number of coins for one dividend makes 10,000 (0.01% of AmberCoin’s shares). This works for users who get the dividends directly from the company or through the exchange websites. Also, AMBER is available for mining and there are 9,800,000 tokens issued.

The unique feature of AMBER is that these coins can be withdrawn with the help of credit/debit cards Visa and MasterCard. AMBER is available in BTC, USD, and EUR. However, most users prefer to withdraw AMBER in dollars or euros, while large investors who would like to stay anonymous usually prefer bitcoins. Amber Trade Ltd publishes the profit dates and times regularly.

Also, AmberCoin provides users with a declaration of trust that can be obtained by those owners who already have 10,000 coins. Those users who would like to keep their personal information confidential when using AmberCoin official wallet receive personal ID numbers.

AMBER can be bought at an exchange or from the Amber Trade Ltd website with the help of wire transfer. The user should have a corporate account to buy coins and receive dividends. In a word, AMBER is not currency itself, but a share to invest in.


The main idea behind the AmberCoin company is to make amber a new type of currency guarantee. Today, this function is confirmed in gold, however, the company owners claim that amber has all chances to take this place in the nearest future. Actually, it may take years to become reality, but investors do have interest in this offer and continue to support AmberCoin. The company holds the reserves of amber that ensure AMBER’s value and receive profit from trading it.